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Save Yourself: Educating You on Infinite Banking with the Founders of Unlimit Wealth

Season One; Episode One

This podcast episode features a conversation with the four founders of Unlimit Wealth: John Blalock, Mike Schwallie, Brad Lowe, and Jordan Cole. The discussion centers around their mission to help clients achieve financial freedom by breaking free from traditional boundaries. Through discussions about the inception of Unlimit Wealth, their individual journeys into the realm of finance, and their experiences implementing the concept of ‘infinite banking’, they share their vision of providing comprehensive education on wealth strategies. They also highlight their dedication to fostering client relationships post-strategy implementation, maintaining that continuous engagement is essential for their clients’ success.

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Hosts
01:04 The Journey of the Founders
01:57 The Concept of Infinite Banking
02:51 Personal Experiences with Infinite Banking
10:59 The Importance of Financial Education
14:10 The Role of Unlimit Wealth
15:03 Closing Remarks and Future Expectations

Episode Transcript

You’re listening to Save Yourself. Conversations, ideas, and strategic thinking with the four founders of Unlimit Wealth. Join us for discussions, debates, and strategies that have brought them and their clients financial freedom. And how you too can break free from traditional boundaries to Unlimit Your Wealth.

Welcome everybody to episode one of Save Yourself Podcast brought to you by Unlimit Wealth.  My name is John Blaylock. I’m sitting here with three fantastic people. Mike Schwally, Brad Lowe, Jordan Cole. Awesome. We are here in Birmingham, Alabama,  kicking this thing off. Yeah. I mean, first of all, how exciting is this?

Are you guys pumped or what? I mean, we’re finally here. Long time coming. Finally made it. It’s been a grind, but we are here. And a decade in the works. I’m pumped. So John, why are we here? Unlimit Wealth is our company and its sole purpose is to educate people about infinite banking and creative ways to generate wealth.

So individually, we talked about Save Yourself podcast,  what that is, what Unlimit Wealth is, but individually, why are we here? So Mike, how did you end up in this seat?  Yeah, I’m lucky enough. I was introduced to a gentleman from our firm and, um, I was a business owner at the time. I was a little bit later in the game.

I was in my mid thirties and was traditionally taught, came to a small liberal arts school here in Birmingham and taught the traditional finance method and, uh, went along that track. And I got to practice that for about 10, 15 years. And at 2008 hit, it hit hard and woke me up and I started looking around and trying to educate myself.

I had to find a different method because I saw the writing on the wall that I can’t just keep doing what everyone else is doing and it’s going to just be okay. And so it took me a while with my wife and we, um, luckily it took me a time to. Recognize that I needed to do something differently and luckily I was introduced to a concept called infinite banking by a gentleman and I got to hear a man named Nelson Nash at a seminar here in town and what he was preaching is what I was looking for.

I was soaking it up and I was a guy that used to spend cash for everything I did and didn’t go into debt. I was a firm believer of that, but he had a different concept, a way of thinking that. Open my eyes to the possibility of how I can create my own wealth, not really change anything I was doing. I was a business owner.

I was creating wealth. I was maximizing my potential, but I might’ve been doing it through the wrong method. And so this method opened my eyes to the possibilities. And now we’re going to go on and on. And that’s one of the great things about this podcast is we’re going to be able to educate and teach through our own.

we’ve done in the past and explain our story and hopefully it resonates with other people that are listening. So John, tell us about you. Yeah. So I’ve been in financial services 17 years, grew up in a very affluent area.  quickly noticed that the really wealthy people, even as a child, the really wealthy people, they weren’t doing what everybody else was doing.

And so my ears were always listening. What are they really doing? And so, uh, get in this business right before the recession, baby face kid, things are rough. Kind of still are baby face. True. Hmm, thank you,  . Um, so it’s two thou, it’s 2007, 2008. You know, I’m doing all the traditional financial wealth management stuff I’m seeking, still seeking what?

You know, there’s gotta be something else out there. Go to a conference in Orlando, Florida. See  r Nelson Nash speak.  I’m like this guy. I mean, I was just soaking it up, but then I heard the word. The dirty words life insurance,  because all my training had said that those are bad, that that’s an expense that should be minimized.

And so I was pretty close minded, but fortunately he was on the plane ride back to Birmingham, took, you know, took us under his wing, would come drink our coffee every week and challenge the heck out of our thinking. And finally, I was just like, I’m going to do it. And then I noticed that it led to so many more things.

This isn’t just about infinite banking strategies. You know, leverage your savings, re imagine wealth. No, leverage savings,  re imagine wealth. So what it leads to, that’s just a tool. What it leads to is passive income,  getting, getting more control of your time,  generating, taking advantages of opportunities.

You know, the golden rule, those who have the gold make the rules.  Hey, we can always find more money, create more money. We can’t create more time, right? That’s a fact. We got to get some of that back. So all that I say, you know, we think that a lot of the traditional financial planning strategies, those can work.

And we’re not against any of that. We just believe that this is a solid foundation for some people. This isn’t for everyone. And for those that it helps, that’s, that’s why we’re doing this to educate the heck out of people the right way. And if it helps people, great. If it doesn’t, then that’s okay too.

Love it. Tell me my story. It’s not dissimilar, really, from the three of you guys. I was introduced to the idea of Infinite Banking by all of our good friends, Chad Mosley. We worked closely together with Chad. He initially gave me R. Nelson Nash’s book, Becoming Your Own Banker. Common theme, Mr. Nash lived here in Vestavia, sat at our conference table until he passed away in 19, every Monday for training, almost without fail, and drank our coffee, just like you said.

And anyway, was introduced to his book. I was a business owner at the time, finance major. My friend Chad, also a finance major, gave me Becoming Your Own Banker and said, you should read this, we didn’t learn this in school.  And I said, okay, sounds great. And it went to live on the coffee table, like most other good books.

But Chad’s a close enough to me, knows how to push my button. So a few weeks later, he asked me if I’d, if I’d read it, of course I hadn’t, he said, we’ll bring it to me tomorrow. I need it back. I was like, well, I want to read it. And he’s, he’s like, no, no, you’re not going to read it. So.  You know, like a good friend, I needed to read it that night so I could prove him wrong, right, that I was actually going to read it.

So, but about halfway through I texted him and said, Hey, I’m bringing it to you tomorrow, but we got to talk. This is different.  And, uh, my wife and I put it into practice in 2010 and shortly thereafter, within six months, I could see my capacity to save with this strategy. Was 5 to 10x greater than any other financial strategy.

I’d ever been introduced to right just because we’re not giving our dollar One place to be we’re giving our dollar multiple jobs. The same dollar has multiple jobs So it was eye opening to me that was in 2010 by September of 2011 I had sold my business and was teaching this full time to anybody that would listen.

So Cool. Jordan, what, what’s your story? Yeah, Brad, I got into this business when I was 23, newly married. And really when I latched onto this concept, it was really more of just me analyzing my own personal situation. And seeing, you know, I’m just married, just starting to make money, starting to save money.

And just in a few months of, you know, watching, okay, I’m trying to do the, do the right things, check the boxes, filling, throwing some shekels into a savings account and spending less than I make and all that kind of stuff. And I’m looking down in the longterm, you know, Nelson is always preaching. You know think long range so i’m reading the book and simultaneously trying to analyze and self evaluate and i’m i’m looking at my I don’t think this strategy of me just saving money into a savings account at the bank and trying to take a couple extra bucks that I can live without and throw them in the stock market, especially this is  Few years after the recession of 08 and I’m looking down the down the road and I’m thinking this short little, you know Small window of evidence that I have here.

The sample size is not projecting too Well for me personally and I’ve got to rethink what I’m thinking and maybe there’s a better way to do it And all of this is happening simultaneously while I’m reading the book While I’m, you know, just getting into business for myself right out of college. So it’s all kind of happens all at once.

And it was really an eyeopening thing that I latched onto and was really drawn to the idea that a new economy requires new solutions. And the, the paradox of that is, you know, we’re not, this is life insurance is not a new solution. Life insurance is a 200 year old. Um, you know, solution and what John said I think is the best  thing to hone in on, which is we need to be doing what the people that are successful are doing.

Like what are the top 1 percent doing? And that was, that was what I was after. I mean, cause I was an athlete like most people here and you know, we all. Pits sports and did stuff.  We’re well, just me. Well, what, whether you want to say it or not, we’re all has been now, but we were, we were bins at some point.

And while we were athletes and that kind of culture instilled in us, you want to push better, push further, be stronger, try to find a way to do what the best we’re doing and emulate that, whether that’s their workout routine, their diet, their nutrition, their sleep, you know, whatever it is. And I think.

When, when coming off of all of that and then discovering Nelson’s book really just opened my eyes to new economy requires new solutions and not that life insurance is a new solution, but this strategy. Flew in the face, a hundred percent of everything that people were talking about on CNBC and, you know, in the wall street journal and so on and so forth.

So that was kind of my initial exposure to it. John, I’ve heard, I’ve heard you say this before. I mean, and that resonated what you just said, Jordan, that. You know, if you ever see the crowd moving in one direction, it’s probably a good idea to explore the opposite direction, right? Uncommon solutions for uncommon people.

That’s what we, that’s what we hope to offer here through our, our own experiences, our client experiences. We hope to have clients on here to talk about their experiences firsthand. That’s going to be exciting. But as we sit here, between the four of us, 28 infinite banking policies dating back to 2009, John’s a CFP.

All four of us are authorized infinite banking practitioners. What might the audience hear, John, different from the four of us than maybe they’ve heard otherwise on the airwaves? In regards to infinite banking or in general? Uh, both. Both and.  I think people are going to hear that we are big proponents that  that people get involved in their financial future.

They need to get in the game, which plays to the save yourself. We don’t mean that we’re going to save you. We mean that we’re going to try, we will educate you with top notch, correct and  very high quality information. So people can get in the game. And like you’re saying, when the crowd’s going one way, you know, you look at that, that lonely road.

You know, that’s not easy to do and a lot of, for me, you know,  people, I’ll, you know, I’m traditional wealth manager guy and then I’m exposing this to people and it was hard because it was different. And so a lot of times the people that really can do really well in life, they’re able to think different and they’re okay to go against the grain.

You got to be, I mean, you really do. If you’re going to be, make a big impact, you’re going to have to, it’s going to be hard, right? And not everybody’s willing to do that. And that’s why this, and that’s why this isn’t for everyone at all. And that’s okay. But for those that want to get a great education about infinite banking and other wealth strategies, that’s what we’re here to do.

I love it.  I love it. So, Mike, you want to add to that anything? Yeah. I mean, I think, uh, where, where we’re different and what we heard a lot of the noise during, uh, the last few years, this topic of infinite banking is getting more play out there. We’re hearing it where we’re, we’ve been practicing it for a number of years, but we do it on, I guess, the you and me level a lot.

So this is really. It’s exciting for all of us to be able to sit here today and cast it out to the masses and, um, hopefully explain it in a  not sensationalize it, not make it what it’s not just, just laid out there for practical purposes. But as John mentioned, um, for those of you that take action and want to understand this concept in a.

Here’s what it is here. Here’s how it can work. And here’s how you can take advantage of it. Not really change anything. You guys are doing financially. Maybe have some more discipline when it comes to your money. We’re not trying to tell you, Hey, hand your money over us. We’re gonna we’re gonna take care of it and maybe get a better rate of return.

Maybe Maybe do some different things financially that will just give it back to you in 30 years and say, everything’s going to be great, but no, we’re going to say if you save now and you’re a good steward to your money and you practice and implement some of these strategies that we may educate you on.

You’re going to just enhance what you can do in the future opportunities come along, business opportunities, real estate opportunities, anything that comes along your way, we can show you a more impactful tool to help enhance that  goal that you’re trying to reach and hopefully today and what we’re going to do over this series and over  the next few years, hopefully is, is just give nugget after nugget of education that you can take and put into your own account.

And make it your own and reach your own goals and in whatever fashion you want. So  love that. And we all enjoy the relationships with our clients. Above all, we want to be successful, but we really enjoy participating with our clients and seeing their success, right? Well, we can’t.  Participate with them and enjoy doing that with them without establishing the relationship and we pride ourselves with that and feel like that’s how maybe we are different from some of the other educational talking heads out there.

You may partner with them, but once the strategy is enacted, if you need some money or need to move money or have a question, it’s an 800 number in a call center and that’s not how we operate. We want to be hands on. We want to talk with one another. Talk with our clients and we want, we want to have them call us when they got a strategy discussion and that’s what we’re most excited about.

Definitely. So you as the listener, if you’re probably wondering, you know, what can I expect out of this? What am I going to get? Why should I put my time into this thing? To listening to these guys, what you’re going to get is a very thorough, high quality education about infinite banking and wealth strategies.

You can come in at any level of education, people that think they understand everything about it. And somebody who’s never heard of it, it’s going to work for both. And we are going to provide this education along with interviewing  a lot of really successful people that  are going to show you what worked for them, how they created enough passive income.

To quit their job or work because they want to, they got more time back, they have more control, they have more freedom, they have less stress.  And that’s my, our favorite thing, if I could speak for everyone is the relationships and watching people accomplish their goals or get out of a, uh, get go from being in a really bad situation to not only getting out of that, but.

Rocking it out, really, really doing well. And, and again, this isn’t for everyone, but our hope is that if we can educate people the right way, then that’s where this came from. A frustration of a lot of bad information out there. I, we just got so tired of all the bad information. It’s like, we’re willing to put our time, our efforts and our dollars into educating people.

And if we never get a phone call or an email, so be it, at least we did the right thing. I was, we were that frustrated. That’s where this started.  Jordan, Mike, anything to add before we wrap episode one? Yeah. I’ll just add to what, you know, what John’s saying, you know, our, our passion. With this comes from a pure educational stance.

I mean, we, we want people to take an active role in building their wealth and you have to think uncommon and you have to think aggressively and you have to think I’m going to be okay with doing something different and  you can have all the tools in the world, but if you don’t know how to use them. And if you don’t take action yourself, then you’re going to be left behind.

And that’s what we’re going to try to do. We’re going to lay out the tools. We’re going to lay out ideas, but again, we’re just going to lay out the buffet. You got to walk up and grab a sandwich. You got to be the one to come serve yourself. And that’s why we wanted to name the podcast to accompany Unlimited Wealth, our entity.

Save yourself because there’s an element of involvement and action on behalf of those who are listening to take action. And what we really want to do is we want to educate them, partner with them, coach them and then service them like every four steps of the way are all four steps, I should say,  of that process to get into infinite banking.

We want to be that. Entity that helps you accomplish all those things, like Brad said, not leave you after we, you know, tell you all about it. And then good luck. If you want to call us, there’s a call center somewhere to take your call. So that’s what we, that’s what we are. That’s what we want to deliver for the people that are going to listen.

Hopefully in future episodes. Yeah. Excited to share the stories that we all know. You know, we, we’ve seen people save themselves. We’ve seen people get out of debt. We’ve seen people jump on a real estate opportunity and they had the capital to do so because we helped them get there. Um, that’s what I am most excited about doing this and speaking with you guys is to hear all the different stories and what we know and the hundreds of different clients that we’ve gotten to, that’s what gets me up in the morning.

And I hope, hope we, it comes across that way when we get to speak to you guys. And I’ll say one more thing to this is also for our clients when they want to send you somebody John and they’re like, Hey, you gotta talk to John about life insurance. Then that’s a tough again. You’re probably losing somebody right then.

Yeah, no, I don’t think. And exactly. So.  But we have passionate people about what they do because they’re using their money because they’re in the game as well, as John says, so we want to provide a resource. So if John  and his client, who’s really pumped about what they’re doing, wants to tell his neighbor about it, they have a place to send them.

So they’re not having to try to regurgitate the message on John’s behalf or Mike’s behalf or Brad’s, but we have a place where we have a community of people that can share their ideas that way and learn the education directly from, you know, directly from the horse’s mouth. Yeah, I mean, one of the most exciting things about this, there’s a lot, one of the most exciting things to me is Our ability to share all the things we’ve learned by me working with hundreds of successful people that are doing things differently.

But we’ve learned a lot about how to structure deals, how to take down a real estate deal, how to underwrite an opportunity. And we’re going to, we’re going to unload the goods as much as possible is, is our goal for sure. And I would say, you know, what unlimited wealth is,  you know, it’s definitely a new way of thinking and a trusted means for growing.

And those really can operate in tandem. This is our vision to help people break down the barriers that limit you from your financial goals. And really to create pathways to a financial life, less confined. It’s time to unlimit your money. It’s time to unlimit your mind. It’s time to unlimit your potential and start achieving your goals on your terms.

We are on limit,  leverage savings, re imagine wealth.  You’ve been listening to Save Yourself, conversations, ideas, and strategic thinking with the four founders of Unlimit Wealth.  To learn more about Unlimit Wealth or to make a personal appointment, visit us online at unlimitedwealth. com.