Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started & Basic Concepts
What is the process in order to get started with IBC?

Discover the first steps towards leveraging Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) with Unlimit Wealth. One of our original Resource Articles explains the straightforward process of beginning your journey to financial freedom.

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Understanding the Infinite Banking Concept
Why is it difficult to really view life insurance cash value as true savings?

Explore the nuances of cash value in life insurance, and why it represents a more flexible and potent form of savings than traditional accounts.

How does a policy loan actually work?

Dive into the mechanics of policy loans with Unlimit Wealth, understanding how they can be a powerful component of your overall financial strategy.

Comparisons & Alternatives
Why would I need life insurance, I can use my LOC or margin account?

Understand the distinct benefits of leveraging life insurance over traditional lines of credit or margin accounts, including protection and growth aspects.

Why is whole life not the ending point for your money?

Discover how whole life insurance serves as a launching pad for broader wealth-building strategies, not just a static investment.

Philosophies & Strategies
How is Infinite Banking similar to starting a business?

Grasp the foundational principles of Infinite Banking by comparing it to the process of starting your own business or bank, emphasizing growth and control.

Why should we think about our IBC policy as a distribution center?

Learn how your policy acts like a distribution center for your finances, centralizing and optimizing the flow of your wealth.

Who should I start my first Infinite Banking policy on?

Embrace the concept of securing your financial base to unlock the potential for generational wealth, ensuring long-term stability and growth.

Client Relationship & Services
How is the service model different with Unlimit Wealth?

Unlimit Wealth isn’t just about starting your policy; it’s about nurturing a relationship that helps your wealth grow. Find out what makes our client service stand apart.

Advanced Insights
What is the rate of return?

Dive deeper into the financial mechanics of Infinite Banking, understanding the difference between rate of return and the volume of interest affecting your wealth.

How is my policy tax-advantaged?

Unravel the tax benefits of your life insurance policy, highlighting how it contributes to an efficient financial strategy.

Is it possible for me to overtake my LOC with this strategy?

Explore the potential of Infinite Banking to surpass traditional lines of credit in flexibility and financial benefit.

How does Infinite Banking enhance what I’m already doing?

Buying a dollar vs renting a dollar example. We believe everyone should seek to grow their wealth by applying their resources to things they know and understand.  Learn how using controlled leverage can enhance those opportunities.

Common Concerns
Am I too old to start this now?

Age doesn’t define your financial journey. Learn how Infinite Banking can be tailored to suit financial goals at any stage of life.

If this is so good, why isn’t everyone doing this?

Addressing common skepticism and the human characteristics that get in the way of taking advantage of the infinite banking concept.

I heard the commissions are high when I do this…?

Demystifying the costs associated with Infinite Banking.

Don’t you have to pay premiums for the rest of your life?

Learn about the flexibility of premium payments in Infinite Banking.

Do you lose your cash value when you die?

Unpack the myth around cash value and death benefits, clarifying what happens to your policy’s value over the long term.