The “Spender-Saver” Paradox | Leverage Your Income the Right Way

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Unlimiting Wealth: The Spender-Saver Conversation

Season One; Episode Six

In Episode 6 of Save Yourself podcast, brought to you by Unlimit Wealth, founders Mike Schwally and Jordan Cole introduce the concept of a ‘spender-saver’, opening up a new perspective on personal finance. The hosts share personal experiences and use real-life scenarios to illustrate how leveraging cash can lead to greater financial freedom. They discuss the idea of using ‘Infinite Banking’, a strategy where the flow of one’s income is redirected to pay off debt and simultaneously build wealth. The primary objective is to educate viewers about alternate ways of wealth accumulation, presenting traditional ‘savers’ and ‘spenders’ with a potential third method that can significantly enhance their overall return.

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast
00:30 The Concept of Spender Saver
01:03 Personal Experience with the Spender Saver Concept
01:19 Understanding the Spender Saver Concept
02:51 The Impact of the Spender Saver Concept on Personal Finances
05:41 The Power of Infinite Banking
07:19 Real Life Application of Infinite Banking
08:26 The Benefits of Infinite Banking
15:50 Conclusion and Final Thoughts